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Optimum Med Equipment Supply

We are a national, direct-to-consumer, durable medical equipment supplier offering exclusive access to innovative, cutting-edge medical supplies. Not only will you have access to innovative products, the Optimum Med medical supplies team will seamlessly handle all of your paperwork.

It starts by identifying your needs by speaking to an Optimum Med patient advocate and product specialist. Once we have identified a product, our team will reach out to your doctor to retrieve a written order. Once we receive the signed order back from you doctor, we will ship your products directly to your door for FREE. Don’t worry about contacting your insurance company because our team of professional medical billers will work with your carrier to ensure your products are covered.

Speak to a Patient Advocate

You’ll start the process by speaking with a caring Bridgewater Patient Advocate who will identify your needs and collect the necessary information to process your order

Your Doctor

The Bridgewater Team will then work with you doctor to gather all necessary documentation to process your order – including a signed prescription and medical records

Free Shipping

Once your doctor has approved your order, the Bridgewater Team will package it in a discrete box and ship it FREE.. right to your door

No Paperwork

The Bridgewater Billing Team will work directly with your insurance company to ensure that your order is covered by your provider